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Below you will find: Full breakdown of current port tonnage dues together
with an explanation on how they are applied.

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GPA Port Tonnage Dues


    Please note for all vessels calling at Gibraltar Port, port tonnage dues are calculated on vessels GRT.

    Please note an example of how to calculate port tonnage dues for a vessel calling Gibraltar for bunkers only:

    Vessels GRT: 15,555 – Bunker Call Only

    • If you go to column “Bunker discount including marpol fee” You Look At GRT range – 15,001 – 30,0000 – Price is GBP 352.00.
    • Port tonnage dues include marpol fee GBP 240.00.
    • Included in the fee is the marpol annex I and marpol annex V free entitlement.
    • Free marpol entitlement as follows: 10m3 marpol I and 1.50m3 marpol V.
    • Total Port Tonnage Dues for a vessel with a GRT 15,555 will be GBP 352.00.
    • If vessel is calling only for an Off Port Limit “A” operation – 2 to 3NM E of Europa Point – then total Port Tonnage Dues will be GBP 155.00.
    • If vessel is calling only for an Off Port Limit “B” operation – 4 to 10NM E of Europa Point – then total Port Tonnage Dues will be GBP 52.00.
    • If vessel is calling to await orders then total Port Tonnage Dues Will Be GBP 688.00 for first 48hrs, rate per day or part of thereafter GBP 224.00.
    • If vessel is calling at the Eastern anchorage to take on provisions, spares, stores or to carry out crew changes then total port tonnage dues will be GBP 352.00.

    Please Note: Discounts only apply if vessel is disposing marpol waste, taking bunkers or combining bunkers with other activities. For all other activities i.e. calling for underwater cleaning or lube oil supplu only then full port dues apply.

      Gibraltar Port Authority – Implementation of the new Marpol Scheme. The fee structure, as well as provision of service for Marpol Annex I will commence on the 1st January 2018.
      Provision of service with regards to Marpol Annex V will start as from the 1st February.
      In the interim period (Between the 1st January and the 1st February), those ships calling at Gibraltar and seeking to discharge Annex V waste will be granted a 10% discount on the Marpol fee.
      Additionally, and in continuation to our previous circular referring to the implementation of the New Marpol Scheme, please be guided below:


      Pre-arrival notification:
      Ships calling at Gibraltar are required to submit their annex II pre-arrival waste declarations at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
      The waste declaration form will be reviewed by our contracted agents (Messrs Greenport) prior to ship being cleared for entry into BGTW. Any incomplete declarations or non-compliant declarations will be rejected, and when deemed appropriate an administrative fee (£200) may be charged to the agent / ship. The waste discharge will be determined by the information provided in the annex II pre-arrival waste declaration; on the basis of this information our contractors will make the required arrangements for the ship to be able to discharge the waste indicated in this form.
      In cases where the ship is seeking (or requires) to discharge waste beyond its ‘free entitlement’, our contractor will advise the ship’s agent in advance of the additional fees to be incurred for this service.
      In cases where a ship / agent does not submit the annex II pre-arrival waste declaration into VMS 24 hours prior to the ships arrival, the ship will only be provided the free discharge services on a ‘best endeavours’ basis, depending on operational commitments at the time of the ship’s arrival to Gibraltar.
      Any vessel observed to have onboard significantly different amounts of waste from the information provided in their pre arrival waste declaration is liable to administrative fees, as well as further enforcement action from GPA. Any such actions will immediately be notified to the ship’s agents for their information.


      All ships will have to ensure compliance with the following requirements.
      Ships whose next port of call is within the EU:
      Ships whose next port of call is an EU member state may sail if it follows from the information given in accordance with the pre-arrival waste declaration Annex II, that there is sufficient dedicated storage capacity for all ship-generated waste that has been accumulated and will be accumulated -during the intended voyage of the ship until the port of delivery.
      Ships whose next port of call is outside the EU or Unknown:
      Ships whose next port of call is outside the EU or unknown will only be allowed to sail if they meet the dedicated storage space remaining for the prescribed wastes set out in Table 1 below.
      If it follows from the information provided in the pre-arrival waste declaration that the ship does not have the available dedicated storage space as described in table 1 the ship will be required to deliver its waste before departure from the port. As of the 1st January 2018 all vessels calling a port outside of the EU, or that has next port ‘unknown’ or ‘awaiting orders’ is required to discharge waste at Gibraltar port if the vessel is holding more than 25% of the full capacity. This applies to Annex I waste (bilge and sludge) and Annex V waste.


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        Effective date of implementation 01st January 2018 “Pricing Structure”
        Services are subject to the General Conditions of Green Ports (Gibraltar) Limited (GPG) as well as the stipulated Acceptance Conditions. By confirming this proposal, you confirm that you took note of the content of the General Conditions and the Acceptance Conditions as stipulated below and that you have accepted these General Conditions and Acceptance Conditions.
        With exemption to the above, vessel visiting the Port of Gibraltar will be subjected to pay a Marpol fee as part of their calling dues. This fee is calculated on the basis of the vessels GRT by the Gibraltar Port Authorities and will provide the customer with a maximum free discharge volume (m3) of Marpol Annex I (bilges/sludge) & Annex V (Garbage) within a stipulated period of time.
        Please refer to below table:

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        The above free delivery will be conditional to a discharge time/volume and any extra hours/volume will be charged as an extra by the collecting operator. Vessel appointed agents are responsible for the authorisation of any extra volumes being delivered by their customers vessel; for which GPG will need to receive prior written authorisation from the agents/vessel.

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      We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and hope to hear from you in the near future with any enquiries that may arise.

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