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Please find below Gibraltar Main Map:

Just below the map you will find a short explanation on where vessels take bunkers.

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Gibraltar Port Main Map

  • Please note bunker replenishment ex barge is always performed within the Western Anchorage area.
  • Anchorage position is always determined by the Pilot which is compulsory inbound only.
  • Pilot can be arranged for sailing, however please note that pilot fees will be incurred.
  • Gibraltar VTS will make contact on CH12 to instruct vessels to proceed to the pilot station.
  • Pilot will always make contact on CH12 once underway to vessel.
  • Eastern Anchorage – For all vessels seeking anchorage position to await orders.
  • Berth 21 – Extension Jetty, 1 West and 1 East – For vessels upto 3,000GRT & yachts – bunker replenishment – MGO DMA 0.1% Only.
  • Berth 2 East – FW Supply Ex Pipe.
  • Please note that cruise liners berth at 2 West and 2 East. Liners will always have berthing preference over commercial vessels.
  • Cammel Laird – GibDock – Ship Repairs and Drydocking.
  • Please note vessels entry to the inner anchorage will not only depend on turn number but on vessel’s size, space availability and bunker barge readiness.
  • We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and hope to hear from you in the near future with any enquiries that may arise.

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